Summarecon Mal Serpong XXI

Summarecon Mal Lt. 3, Jl. Boulevard Raya Gading Serpong, Pakulonan Bar., Kec. Klp. Dua, Kabupaten Tangerang, Banten 15810, Indon
Movie theater
User Reviews

5 林 佳 妮Jia Ni - a month ago

The mall is really nice. The space area for shopping is wide and clear. The restrooms are clean. This is a very good place for culinary experience. Inside mall with regular operational hour there are supermarket, bread and coffee stalls, various restaurants, kiosks of various food in the food court. Outside area provide a live music and many restaurants and coffee shop until midnight

4 Ira Ganapathy - 9 months ago

Great place to catch movie with friends and family. Parking is plentiful and easy to access. The IMAX experience was enjoyable, the seats are large and comfortable. Facilities were clean and the staff at the counters were all friendly. Could do with better popcorn though.

4 篠原R - 3 months ago

SMS XXI, i have watched tons of movie in here and a lot of memorable moments made, the place is very crowded and sometimes the aircon is not effecient enough to keep the whole theather cool, from the theater to the games room is great. As far as i know recently the games room door button is broken and has not been fixed until months later. Recently i watched minions rise of gru in here, the film was very goofy ???? and the show go on smoothly without any technical problem or so, i am very likely to come here again to watch movies or play arcade games like wangan midnight maximun tune or WMMT6rr again there ???? fun times ????

5 Fendy Wiedardi Limtara - a year ago

I like this XXI Cinema as it offers a complete movie-watching experience. It has an IMAX studio, Premiere studio, arcade games, and a wide variety of foods.

The normal studio is already good with a comfortable seat and a good Dolby Atmos sound system. The IMAX studio has a bigger screen and a better sound system. Also, the seats between row are higher than the usual studio. I was amazed by the IMAX experience, it makes my movie-watching experience even better. And, for the Premiere studio, it has reclining seats and they give you a blanket. Feels so comfortable that I think I could fell asleep while watching a movie.

Overall, I enjoy watching movies in this XXI Cinema. With so many studios here, you can choose a wide variety of movies to watch. However, it is quite pricey to watch movies here compared with other XXI cinemas.

5 Ellana Nabilah Nur Averina Ansar - 2 months ago

I came here to watch Thor: Love and Thunder. The studio is really big but the price is quite expensive rather than other place. It's understandable because it's located in an elite area

4 micco moss - 2 months ago

Located near foodcourt
Escalator to the cinema above

5 Niken Os - 5 months ago

I like how varied the food here was. We can also eat outdoors and have good ambience. I didn't explore much of the store. But will comeback for another foodie experience.

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