Mujigae - SMS

Summarecon Mall Serpong 2 Area Downtown Ground Floor Jalan Gading Serpong Boulevard Pakulonan Barat, Bencongan, Kec. Klp. Dua, K
Korean restaurant
User Reviews

4 Ichigo Miruku - 5 months ago

Foods were great. I love their sundubu jiggae the most. However, they really need to improve their time management. My foods took forever to come. Good thing they served my drinks first but still it's quite disappointing how they needed almost an hour to serve one dish ????????u200d♀️

4 Ismi N F - 3 years ago

This place always crowded, u must making a reservation if needed.
● 1st and 2nd floor
● For service 7,5/10????
● For taste (for me) 8/10????, because I don't really know how korean food original taste.
● For atmosphere 7/10????(kpop lover)
● Price 3/10 ???? (cheap)

1 Andreas Kartawidjaja - 3 years ago

I ordered sundubu jigae via gofood and what I got is the soup packaged in what looks like a dirty plastic bag...the carrying type. Even street food doesn’t do things like this.

5 Ibnu Harahap - 4 years ago

The service is good. The ambience is good. I ordered dosirak 4 and got free drink (jasmine tea) its only Rp. 30.000 incl tax. I think thats a very good price. Normally i can spend around Rp 70.000

5 Ama Bell - 4 years ago

Tasty korean food with affordable price. If you never tasted korean food before, you would think that most of their menu taste sweet and strange. You can bring food from outside (based on my experience when having meal here)

My favorite is beef bulgogi, the taste of the beef is pretty strong.

4 Yovita Ardiyani - 4 years ago

Awesome place actually, but everytime i come, always there is fly.. Already suggest them about it but not resolved yet.. There are new menu about them now, which is bingsoo (flavor: classic, injeolmi, choco, matcha, yoghurt).. in some spot, it's too cold probably because near the AC (air conditioner).. at second floor, it's too bright and make the music video played without good visual.. for food taste, i almost like all of them.. this food called sundubu jigae.. taste delicious.. all of the food comes with price that mostly people can afford.. mostly i came here and after payment have changes with coin.. but they don't give back my changes with those coin, not professional i guess

5 Rizki Rachmawati Tsani - 4 years ago

Good food, good place, specially for Kpop fans and koreans food lovers, you must go this place and feel the atmosphere in there, that's why i always miss that food????????????

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