Sate Maranggi Haji Yetty

Jalan Raya, Cibungur, Kec. Bungursari, Kabupaten Purwakarta, Jawa Barat 41181, Indonesia
Satay restaurant Diner
User Reviews

4 AP Channel - 9 months ago

Extremely spacious space to dine in, but yet still almost full occupied tables.
Satay is good, good food, reasonable price.
The waiters circles around everytime to offer you drink or dessert or snacks or some extras.

5 fajar zona - a month ago

The most famous satay Maranggi (beef stew) in Indonesia. This restaurant provide spacious parking area and ideal for family or group lunch/dinner. They served beef stew/satay and coconut water here.

5 Agung Buana - 2 months ago

The food is good, delicious, most wanted Maranggi in purwakarta. The dining area was spacious, the parking lot was spacious. The facilities are met to the minimum standard, toilets, wastafel, etc.

Suitable for families and friends gathering. I recommend you to visit on weekdays. Because on the weekend this place is very crowded. Also available for take out and drive thru.

Recommendation menu : beef satay and chicken satay.

5 Sapta Oryza - 4 months ago

The parking lots is wide. The satay is delicious but not to my liking, I like traditional satay with spicy peanut sauce better, u wont find that here. Instead you will find the satay here as a speciality with unique taste so I got that going for me which is nice.

4 Rereki Ratikha - 4 days ago

Visited on weekend and it was so crowded. You can find vacant seat on middle area though.

The menu were fast moving, you can easily get sate as you sit, but they weren't "fresh from the grill" a bit warm but edible. If you bring children it was great because you don't have to cool it off, pretty much doesn't have to face the hungry cranky.

The food was pleasant, but personally avoid peak hours/weekend or you may order from drive thru.

Also avoid order es kelapa. Not worth the price/portion.

Whoever states that the original maranggi use bumbu kacang, you deserve bumbu maranggi in your eyes

5 Rizky Dassa - 6 months ago

One of the best Sate Maranggi I ever tasted. The place is good with a lot of table and spacious parking lot. The service is also nice and super fast. The price is okay but it is worth the price.

5 Ghozy Naim - 6 months ago

the restaurant always packed with customers, one of, if not, the busiest restaurant in Purwakarta. usually the customers are travellers come and going to Jakarta. what I really liked was the sate sapi, it has thick meat and savory sauce. you can also try the sate ayam or sate kambing. the sate kambing was tender and delicious as well. they also served other food such as mendoan and soup. the teh tawar is free of charge!

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