Royal Tulip Golf Resort Gunung Geulis

Jl. Raya Golf Gn. Geulis, Nagrak, Kec. Sukaraja, Kabupaten Bogor, Jawa Barat 16710, Indonesia
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5 JANSEN TANUDJAJA - 3 months ago

The hotel has enough facilities and activities for families. Especially activities for children, so that children don't get bored. Because the position of the hotel is quite deep and quite far from the city or other restaurant/tourist positions. So that when they have checked in and entered the hotel, guests can just enjoy the hotel facilities and are reluctant to leave the hotel again to just look for food or other things. Cleanliness and friendliness of hotel staff is good. The variety of the breakfast menu is also quite a lot with a standard taste. I enjoy the taste and food more at the FIRE Restaurant in the Hotel.. The drawback for me is that the hotel does not take care of the outdoor parking facilities so that many streets in the outdoor parking area have holes, there are puddles of water and are uncomfortable. If on weekends, the hotel occupancy is quite high, so if guests park outside it is quite far from the lobby.

4 Budi Soetjipto - 2 months ago

I stayed for a night at this hotel for a business meeting. I was greeted by a breezy lobby overlooking at a green scenery. The check in process was smooth and seamless. Next to the reception area was a lounge also overlooking at a green scenery. Very restful and fresh feeling. Walking to my room, I still felt the breeze as the corridor was somewhat an open corridor. Entering the room, I found a spacious, simple but comfy room with a balcony overlooking at a greeny hill. The room itself has sufficient amenities. The only problem was that the bathroom door could not be closed properly. Since this hotel was in a far away land, we had to have all the meals here. They were all buffet with plenty of choices, however, the taste was so-so at best. The dining ares was spacious with indoor and outdoor seats. The hospitality was in order all the way; greetings were given whenever I met the hotel crews. I paid 1.2m per night, which was quite high for this kind of facilities. Overall, the hotel was good, but not good enough for such a price. Maybe it was a holiday season for a hotel cater for family.

5 ilman ilman - a month ago

A fantastic hotel, extremely beautiful place, super friendly staff, good place for meetings or retreat, also family friendly. Nice jogging tracks, swimming pool. Delicious food. It's expensive, but worth it. The gym was closed at 6 pm, which was unfortunate. The room was a bit ageing and the small was not good when we first entered the room. But all good especially if you are lucky enough to have the best view in the back side.

5 Devina Winata - a week ago

Been here many times, and we always had a good time. Nicely designed hotel, delicious breakfast buffet, amazing view from our room, various swimming pools, huge kids club, and so many interesting activities for the kids (feeding rabbit, riding horse etc), such a very kids friendly hotel! The location is also great (only 1hr from Jakarta), and they have new access from Bogor. Thank you so much RTGG!

5 Jason Donguines - 3 months ago

Very nice place, cozy warm. The crew are so friendly. We stayed here for 4 days and it was an awesome experience. With complete facility and good executive lounge. ???? Super relaxing place, away from the busyness of the world.
The buffet is great, theres Fire restaurant inside.

4 Andreas Wijayanto - 4 months ago

Stayed here for a couple of nights, from Thursday to Saturday.
Here's what i feel:
Overall hotel location is quite remote, a good choice for those seeking a quiet holiday. however, you should plan ahead on packing stuff you need as minimart is 20mins away from hotel

The room was great, clean, and well maintained!

The staffs were friendly and helpful

the only thing they need to improve is the food, lack of choices for a 5-star hotel, the chicken and the beef was dry, food taste was nothing special. (disclaimer: i also dined the whole 3 days 2 nights in the hotel)

4 Mister Maddonz - 2 months ago

Excellent establishment in an excellent location. On the Highlands of bogor, plenty of fresh cool air.
Parking area is quite far but there is a transport car that will take you there for free if you waited enough.
The room was awesome nice and clean, bed is great, bathroom good, ac very cold which is excellent.

The only drawback is the room was a bit noisy, there were constant noises from above (probably piping) the room had connecting door of which the door on the other room seemed to be a bit loose and it made noises as it was probably hit by high AC air circulation. And the room wasn't exactly well insulated from outside noises as you can hear people walking and talking pretty clearly and would wake you up from your sleep as it can get pretty loud.

But other than that, hotel had great facilities, pool was fine, gym was great and there was a nice spot with great birdseye view if you wanted to do some yoga or just get some nice instashots.

The breakfast was excellent I loved the breads and pastries and the juices but the coffee machines needs to be replaced with a better quality ones because the ones that was there didn't do the coffee beans enough justice.
Overall its a 9/10.

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