Lorin Sentul Hotel

Kawasan Sirkuit Sentul Internasional Jalan Tol Lingkar Luar Bogor KM. 32 Babakan Madang, Sentul, Kec. Citeureup, Kabupaten Bogor
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User Reviews

5 Widodo Sulistyo - 2 months ago

The room is quite spacious and the view is attractive, overlooking the circuit on request, thank you to the receptionist Marco. children are satisfied to enjoy the swimming pool facilities here. next time we will come back again

2 Rizky Ikhsani - a month ago

Friendly staff, dirty facilities. We had 2 nights meeting with different stakeholders, it was a below average experience, especially the room.

Haunted Room (1/5). I had my bad luck, as I checked my colleague and they didn't experience the same thing as mine. My room at the 4th floor was horrible. The bathroom's door frame had chunks of wood missing, it was dirty, the sink had dust mixed with cobwebs all over, clogged toilet, broken shower (hot water's not working), ants at the sofa and tea area, makes you wonder if the staff ever clean the room but changing towel and bed sheet. TV unclear, I guess this is typical of analog tvs in West Java's hotel. The worst part is what I call the haunted shower. Pressure change in the plumbing had created a phenomenon in which the shower would turned on and off, on and off, every certain time. So you would hear trickles of water going on and off when you are sleeping at specific time. I'm not a superstitious person, but my room is could be the source of potential urban legend surrounding Lor In Hotel. I had 2 nights stay, but I decide to stay just 1 night because of this.

Noise-leaks meeting room (2/5). all the equipments work well, however the ground floor meeting room was damp, stuffy, and smells of dust. they really need to clean this hotel, given the covid cleanliness and such. The 10th floor meeting roof is only separated with thin panels, so we can clearly hear noises from the other rooms. This is problemmatic especially if the other room is doing an employee gathering party.

Abundant outdoor facilities (3/5). there's abundant of space in the outdoor to enjoy employee gathering activities, like large field, 2 swimming pools, children's wading pool, spa and gym. They are seemingly misplaced however, and not aesthetically integrated. There's potential to make it greater. The wedding installation to promote the use of the hotel is not very taken care, it's placed just like that, with no care whatsoever. My impression is that the owner of the hotel doesn't really care of the brand management of the hotel.

Friendly Staff (5/5). Staffs are really friendly and very catering.

Inconsistent Food (2/5). tough overcooked beef, ncie rice porridge, chewy potato fries, great cakes and fruit punch, it was too inconsistent.

Unique Location (3/5). The uniqueness of this hotel is being located close to go-cart circuit and motorcycle circuit, so close you can hear the engine roaming around. Apart of this, there not much you can do as it is basically far from everywhere except the city of Bogor. There's not much to explore within walking distance really.

5 Sandy Aruan - a month ago

Room was tidy and clean. Have considerable amenities. I.e. soap, tooth brush ans paste amd even comb and room sandal. There are no bath tub but considering the price it is understandable. The service is courtious and friendly. The breakfast is ok. I would rate the food 7.5/10.
Location is very close to Sentul circuit. During the day it can be a bit noisy since we can hear the motor or race car engine roaring around. Its not too loud but if you want to find place for sleep or resting, this may mot be a good place for you. But if it ia for business or doing fun around sentul it is a great place.

5 Yuniar - - a month ago

Nice experience I had. We had an occasion n the hotel provide a representative spot to hold. Until we finished, the lady kept accompany us to serve our need. Thanks a lot

1 Laureate Darius - 5 months ago

I REALLY HATE to leave a bad review.

1. The Air-Con not function properly. We complained several times and finally The techicians promised to fix the air con come after much complaining.

2. The room was damp, and unpainted. No tissue? Extra charge for a blanket? WTH?

4 Cees Holster - 5 months ago

Very good and nice hotel.
Just beside the centre of Sentul.
I did booking this hotel as a surprise for the birthday of my wife.
After instal of our room,I did bavk to the reception.
I ask if it was possible to get fresh flowers in our room the next morning.
Next day after enjoy our breakfast was the surprise there.
The room was in the mean time decorated with fresh flowers etc.
Later we did enjoy a perfect massage.
After our diner,we did get a nice and tastfull cake from the hotel.
My wife (and me) did realy enjoying our stay in this hotel.
If we come back to Sentul for overnight,we know what hotel we booking

5 Gaguk Yudiarinto - 6 months ago

We enjoy the warm and hospitality of the staff. We enjoy various, great and delicious of brunch as well. The hotel provide some outdoor sport facilities and lush-green open yard.

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