Kopi Daong

Pancawati, Caringin, Bogor Regency, West Java, Indonesia
Coffee shop Cafe
User Reviews

5 Taufik WIDJAJA - 4 months ago

Beautiful views of the pine valley, fresh air, good coffee, but average food taste... A good place to bring our partner, friends and family. This place on weekends is very crowded and difficult to find parking. They have to help repair the rural road which is a bit damaged because it is the access to this place.

4 Sandy Muslim - 9 months ago

Good taste of coffee, should try their single origin manual brew coffee, the food is average, doesn’t like the way their serve the foods and beverages (to go/single use packaging), huge parking lot, busy road. Please don’t go over there on the weekend or you’ll be regret your trip. But the ambience was good.

4 Azizah Nurfauziah - 4 months ago

Best view, but for me the Latte is too sweat but overall the experience is very nice. You can drink coffee while enjoying the pine tree view and cicada sound.

If you have kids, they also have little park over there.

4 isnaeni md - 2 months ago

The view and ambience are the best. Variety of foods are also good. Most of it the coffee is the best, the taste and many items you can choose. You can spend the rest of the day in this cozy place, and don't forget it has live music and playground for children.

5 Alpha Omega - 8 months ago

Beautiful scenery from up here, with fresh air. You can come with your family or your friends. Family friendly, kids friendly. You can come here in the morning and take your kids to have horse riding that will be nice.

They have 3 /4 spot in 1 area. You can have a sit here then after an hour you can move to another spot to have some snacks or to enjoy another point of view or try another menu but still at 1 area.

Do not forget to take pictures yaaa, i'm sure you'll like it ☺️

5 Deppy Simarmata - 3 months ago

Great place to have some fun and relax time. The trees and the air can heal your soul. There are some restos. And each can’t be mixed or brought food or drinks one another. Eat or drink just their own at their place. The coffee is ready not ots making..

4 MegPie Win - 4 months ago

Come for the coffee, stay for the view. Located somewhere in Ciawi, Bogor, the steep and narrow road needs some good driving skills. This place is huge and actually consists of several restaurants and many food stalls. There are plenty of seats to choose from. The view is perfect. It could get a bit warm during lunch, so the perfect time to be here would be around 4-5pm. Place is clean, toilets are surprisingly clean too. There are some kids' attractions like playground, horse riding and rabbit petting/feeding zoo. We ate at Kopi Daeng Signature, the restaurant at the end of the complex. Food was okay, nothing to shout home about. Portion is definitely on the smaller side, that we bought some more food from the food stalls. Coffee was okay, I ordered the V60 manual brew. It came in a tiny ceramic carafe and an espresso cup. Pretty cute. Gotta say the food and the drink are average at best. But the view and tranquility is priceless. Just don't visit during weekend afternoon, the crows could get to be too much. Also, it's better to be here just for coffee and snacks rather than lunch/dinner. But it's definitely worth a visit!

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