Cilember Waterfall

Megamendung, Bogor Regency, West Java 16770, Indonesia
Recreation center Camp Garden National reserve Tourist attraction
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5 cindy dyrdi - 7 months ago

Huge parking lot before the entryway. The ticket is affordable on the weekend. It's a place for a big family who wants to feel the mother nature into the woods. Highly recommended place to visit. And don't forget to use slippers on the rocky way through waterfall on the hill.

5 Fauziah Maulani - 9 months ago

The place is very natural, nice, and clean. The water is extremelly clear even at entrance gate.
Ticket price had been include with the food which cost 50K (25K for foods that we can choose freely). Its fair price because the sightseeing is very worth and its okay to help the seller during this pandemic.
The place has 6 waterfalls (the closest one is 7) after that we must hiking for about 30 minutes to reach waterfall 5. I suggest you read the map before take the hiking.

5 Yasya Rusyda - 9 months ago

It is beyond my expectation. Very worth visiting especially if you are fit and have plenty of time to explore this. In this pandemic, they only offer a 50k rupiah package ticket (including food), the regular ticket should be only 25k (without food). Even though there are already many decoration but you still can feel the authentic nature by hiking farther.

There are more than 5 waterfalls there ???? but i only managed to visit 2 waterfall because i visited this at 2 pm. You can also see monkeys there. But unfortunately there are still irresponsible visitor who litter. I hope we can be more responsible and there could be a security/guide in some points.

5 Dinul Haq - 11 months ago

Great places with so many attractions. It is suitable for familly or friends vacation. At the time we came, the place were still closed due to covid-govermental regulation, but you can enter by paying 50k idr per person for eating at the restaurant inside. There you can still enjoy the waterfall, the fell, and the scenary with the other attractions were closed. For me, it was worthed.

There, you will enjoy the green environment of a mountain with lot of high trees, streaming of water accross the stone, flowers, and waterfall of course. The butterfly park was still close but I could found one or two butterflies fly.

The waterfall itself is great. It is not deep and large, but enough for you to enjoy taking a bath or just taking photos with waters pouring down your body. Kids will love it the most.

Finally, the restaurant near waterfall offers you many types of menus you can choose. It is designed for 4 persons but you can add more or less. Food is the best after you're tired playing with the waterfall. You can eat there in one big table and also enjoy the waterfall nearby. it feels good and comfy.

Excellent place!

NB: prepare parking for motorbike cost 5k idr.

5 Ana Juwita Nuraini - 3 months ago

The air is Very refreshing,and there also place for camping, flaying fox, butterfly park, robit house.

17th june 2021

5 Rizky “Adrian” Noer - a month ago

Good place for healing and camping.
road is accessible and relatively save.
25k per person
parking 10k
there are 7 small waterfall. the further ones is the best.
closer waterfalls are nice but many people are there because of the range itself.
its slippery make sure use a good footwear.

5 D du Toit - 4 weeks ago

Was raining during my visit, but still an amazing place. Only difficulty is the steep and narrow roads to get there. Could also do with a trash pick-up exercise in the most closely photographed areas (around waterfalls/bridges/buildings).

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