Ngurah Rai International Airport

Jalan Raya Gusti Ngurah Rai, Tuban, Kec. Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80362, Indonesia
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5 Kah Yan - a week ago

Staffs is helpful.

Before check in luggage it was outdoor and a few restaurant to choose.

After check in and continue they are actually many restaurants that are closed to gates and before gates.

Western and local are available.

If you think outside is too hot maybe inside is more nice and chill for a while before boarding

5 Nat Furgeva - 8 months ago

For several airports I had visited, I sensed a unique feeling of this Bali's airport. Didn't forget about how pleasant the airport crews uniform was. When you arrived here, got off from the airplane, you felt Bali atmosphere at the moment.

5 G Y - 2 months ago

Overall a great experience at the airport - for the variety of food available (for a morning flight), and the fuss-free experience I had generally. Arrived and departed on an international flight on a weekday.

There were many food options available for breakfast, after clearing immigration (ie while waiting for your flight). Some of them are situated next to each other, while some are situated closer to the boarding gates (the latter is a great idea in my opinion).

Suspect that many shops closed during the pandemic lull period, as there were many placeholder barricades at where shops should operate.

Free WiFi was not available at the bigger cafe dining areas (only those belonging to the lounges were seen). But I did see stickers saying free WiFi was provided at the seating areas near the boarding gates.

At the departure gate, the initial bits involved using digital gates to check that we had (valid) boarding passes was great (in my opinion). Arrived at 7am, and did not have to wait for immigration at all (the counters were empty). Security checks were a breeze too.

The cafes available within the departure area are not found online (from what I searched) - could not find them on Google Maps, nor on the airport’s website.

The immigration queues during arrival were much longer, and took way more time to get pass. Also, many, many pretty aggressive taxi tours were seen at the arrival pick-up area - which made the experience somewhat unpleasant.

4 Rony Suleman - 2 months ago

Actually, this airport is quite small for the international category, but before the COVID-19 pandemic this airport was very crowded with international airlines because Bali is the main tourist destination in Indonesia for foreign tourists and local tourists. when this review was written July 30, 2022, the airport is starting to get busy again even though it's not normal like before the COVID-19 pandemic.

4 J. K. - 5 months ago

Sad shell of what was a beautiful airport. C19 took a toll on Bali. They are hard at work to renovate and rent out the retail spots again. The lounge operations are limited with box meals, but the service was attentive and always with a smile.

Immigration, security, and check-in was perfect.

5 Lila Duval - 2 months ago

Very clean, my check in process was quick, can find food and beverages easily.
Waiting time for my flight was never been boring.
See you again soon Ngurah Rai Airport

4 Giang Le - a week ago

The airport was designed uniquely. From the first look, I can tell that it's the airport of Bali. The immigration worked really fast. The process of claiming baggages took a lot of time since the machines did all the job. It took me about an hour to claim my baggages. When I left Bali, after security check and other stuff, I was kind of lost there because there was the shopping area right there and the signs were hard to see. Everything was clean in the airport. There were some charge stations for people to charge their phone. There was nowhere to pour water into your bottles so you can leave your plastic bottles outside and buy some inside. There were some chairs which looked the same as the chairs of the dentist clinic. You can rest there and look outside the windows. On that day, there was an earthquake 20 mins before I got on the airplane. It was a 5.5 earthquake 63km from Denpasar and many people were scared and they ran everywhere. I looked outside and saw people worked normally, so I just sat there and watched people ran.

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